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Niche designs that truly express all your inner values. Set yourself and all your spaces apart from the norm. Bring home this mesmerizing wallpaper and add additional warmth to your personal spaces!

Size & Calculation: 
Size of the product in meters (0.53m x 10m) +-5%

To calculate the number of rolls required,  use the following formula

10ft*12ft wall = 120 sq ft
Divide the total size of your wall in sq ft by 50
120/50 = 2.4
Therefore you will need 3 rolls. 


Use a high quality adhesive for pasting. We recommend starch based adhesives for best results.


Please note: We offer product refunds up to 7 days from the date of purchase provided the original packaging of the product is still intact.

Dimensions N/A

Black & White, Black & Grey, Black & Yellow, White & Gold


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